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Where in the world did Döners come from?!

When you search for something quick and easy-to-eat, a Döner is always going to come up. It’s definitely not like your usual sub or grilled cheese sandwich that you’re used to whipping up at home. Juicy roasted meat topped with delicious veggies packed in a pita pocket sounds like an interesting combination.

With a majority of things going viral these days, it’s almost impossible to say that you don’t know what a Döner is. It’s one of those popular food items that you see on TikTok’s food porn feed…juicy meat smothered with delectable sauces inside a soft pita blanket, it makes you want to have one while you’re scrolling through the For You page on the TikTok app.

The popular meat choices in a Döner are chicken or lamb which are prepared in a rich marinade and then roasted on a vertical spit. Other than the taste factor (which is huge by the way!) Döners are also pretty easy to eat. A pocket-shaped toasted pita with meat and veggie filling can be eaten on the go if you’re in a hurry. 

Interesting facts about a Döner

  1. Döner is a German-Turkish creation

Mehmet Aygün, a Turkish native, invented the Döner sandwich while living in Berlin, Germany. In 1971, he used to work in a snack bar where he used to grill meat. He had an idea to put sliced grilled mutton in a traditional round middle eastern bread called pita. Later on, he added a bunch of veggies, sauces, and even fries to it and called it a Döner or Döner kebab. 

The name of this döner kebab changes in different nations. For instance, the Greeks call it “Gyro”. In France, it’s referred to as “Grec” and in the US, it’s also known as “Shish Kebab”. 

2. It is also called a Berlin Döner

A döner is a mix of Turkish-German creations; in fact, it originated in Berlin, Germany’s capital. Other than that, Kadir Munar set up a Döner kebab stall in the west of Berlin in 1972 where he used to sell shredded meat mixed with vegetables in a pita bread pocket. This was a new concept for the locals and it gained huge popularity among busy Berliners pretty quickly. 

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