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How are your döners done right at Döner & Gyros?

Juicy and yummy, the popular döner kebab has won the hearts of many who want a quick and healthy meal that’s not too heavy on the pocket. Dinner with friends, family, or colleagues no longer has to be a boring affair when you can order a spectacular döner kebab to be delivered right to your doorstep. 

But crafting the perfect döner kebab is tricky… so how do we do it at Döner & Gyros? Here’s how!

Choose your meat!

Traditionally, the döner kebab is packed with thin slices of lamb meat cut from a cylindrical block rotating on a vertical spit. At Döner & Gyros, we have a variety of meat options you can choose from besides our juicy beef lamb mix such as chicken, lamb, and crispy falafel. 

Our signature Berlin Döner stands out for its authenticity and taste. A soft and pillowy pita bread packed with perfectly seasoned meat (of your choice), veggies, and sauces. You can even make it a combo by adding crispy fries and a soda. If you’d prefer to go down the vegetarian route, we have our delicious falafel avocado wrap bursting with flavors of different veggies, sauces, and tasty falafel cubes. 

Veggies and sauces 

For veggies we have all the greens you can possibly think of to customize your sandwich! We have lettuce, red cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and more exotic options such as avocado, guacamole, classic hummus, and feta cheese. 

To add more depth of flavor to your meal, we serve your döners with signature sauces like lemon and herb, garlic and herb, spicy chili, and the classic tahini so every bite is rich and flavorful. 

Be adventurous, Build your own!

We’re sure you can put your faith in our signature döners but if not, you can be adventurous and build your own tortilla wrap or rice bowl! Choose your protein, your veggies (up to 17!), and sauces (up to 6!) and enjoy!

We also serve a more classic, kid-friendly menu with nuggets, fries, and juice so you can come with your whole family to enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean-style dining experience. 

Swing by our newly opened location at 69 Lebovic Ave., Scarborough to get a taste of our delicious döners, gyros, and wraps. 



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